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Taking Your Business to
the Next Level



Founded in 2016,  Innovative Global Solutions Network better known as IGSN is more than just an company. We are a solution that delivers results, no matter who, what, when or where. We are a partner that strives to be the go to resource for commercial acquisitions. We are business consultants who specialize in triple-net transactions with accredited tenants.  Our turn-key solutions guide you through every aspect from idea, strategy and implementation to operations. 

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Our Strategy is clearly outlining expectations for all stakeholders. We define responsibilities, process timelines and expected outcomes for each customer. Verifying Mission, reviewing capabilities, setting goals and objectives, implementing an action plan while accomplishing our intended result. ,

Analytics & Insights

Our consultants use exclusive in-house analytics and data to back up strategy plans. Theses insights have been complied from years of hands on experience in the field. This allows us to be creative in our approach with customers, brands and finance partner. We put our best foot forward by avoiding the assumptions in letting the data back up our strategy and development plan.

Development & Finance

Our program is established in the model of partnerships, We develop acquisitions and businesses with current partners in the pipeline which allows us to recreate previous results. We like to remain open to creative solutions for fundings either through traditional means or joint venture partnerships. 


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